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Moving Together's team of expert staff welcome the next generation of community dance leaders through their work in consultancy, CPD and work experience opportunities. 

Consultancy and CPD packages are available for schools and trusts nationwide, and work experience placements are discussed on an individual basis. You can find out more about our placement and training offers below.

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In partnership with The Mead Education Trust (TMET) and with thanks to Arts Council England, Moving Together are currently offering consultancy, CPD and performance opportunities to 13 Leicestershire schools. The package provides CPD for allocated dance leads within each school, tailored consultancy sessions with each school's dance group and lead, and a theatre-based performance opportunity at a dance festival in the summer term. Tailored CPD packs are provided for dance leads as resources that can be utilised year after year, embedding sustainable dance activity into the ecosystem of each institution.

We have had previous experience rolling out our CPD offer to 34 schools nationwide from David Ross Education Trust (DRET) as part of their yearly dance programme. 

Interested in our consultancy and CPD offers? Get in touch.


De Montfort University Student Placements: APPLICATIONS OPEN


The unit at Moving Together are a hard working, caring team that truly care about your progression as an individual, in addition to providing you with the tools you need to not only physically but also mentally excel and conquer in a creative field.

Rochea Dyer

Long term placement student on UK-based and international projects, Graduate Champion


I got a chance to work with a huge range of people, from primary school children up to over 55 groups, and gained a great amount of confidence working with new people. I especially enjoyed being part of the SEN classes and I have used that experience to get a job working with SEN children and adults.

Abbie wilson

Year 12 school work experience, Gold Arts Award student


During my time with MTG I significantly enhanced the skills I had as they provided opportunities for me to work with various ages and in different environments... They are a great team to work with and you always know you will have their support in the future.

Jodie Roberts

Long term placement student on UK-based and international projects, Graduate Champion

Work experience

Moving Together have offered placements, internships and work experience opportunities for a number of years through a variety of different programmes.  

We have housed school-based work experience students, undergraduate placement module students, graduate champions, short and long term voluntary work experience roles, international community placements in partnership with DMU Local and DMU Global, and paid internships for ex-Arts Award participants. 

Interested in a work experience placement with Moving Together? Get in touch

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