About us

Moving Together was founded in 2011 as a creative community dance company specialising in Arts Award delivery and dance for Over 55s.


Arts Award honoured Moving Together as a Good Practice Centre in 2013, identifying the company as a leading delivery organisation, as seen on their website. Moving Together has continued to grow through partnerships and new projects, taking the team overseas and into new roles within organisations such as Aakash Odedra Company. Now in its 10th year of delivery, Moving Together strives to continue bringing beneficial dance engagement to Leicester, the Midlands and beyond. 

Meet the team

what people say

Claire Wood

claire wood

Assistant Head Teacher, Birch Wood School

Moving Together has given our students a real opportunity to try things that they wouldn't normally get to do and it helps to develop those friendships and communication skills  that are so important. Their confidence really develops as the year goes on... We couldn't be prouder of our young  people.

Anand Bhatt

Founding Producer of Aakash Odedra Company, Chief Executive at Dance City


Moving Together established itself in Leicester at precisely the right time. A fresh approach to Community dance with very passionate and skilled staff. Their commitment to authentic dialogue, placing participants at the centre of experience and creativity made me want to work with them. And when I did work with them, they always delivered with best quality results. 


Director, The Core at Corby Cube

Joe Flavin

The Core has been working with Moving Together for a number of years to deliver our Over 55’s dance class as well as numerous activity in school settings including arts award and cpd sessions for teachers. With the pressures placed upon the venue due to the Covid 19 lockdown, we are so thankful to the Moving Together team for using their capacity to mobilise a digital version of the classes so quickly to maintain this engagement.