We deliver all 5 levels of Arts Award at a number of different school and community settings. All programmes provide a chance for participants to engage directly with dance and the wider arts, taking part in practical activity to develop skills, learning about artists and their work, and increasing leadership abilities through teaching opportunities.  


This is an introductory award provided through a number of delivery methods in Primary and SEN schools. Children have the opportunity to be introduced to a dance style, learn about artists and their work, and share their arts experiences with others.


This entry level 3 award is usually delivered over a term. The programme delves deeper into taking part in the arts, learning about artists and the organisations that support them, and allows pupils to present their findings to others. 


This level 1 qualification is delivered over 1 year and allows participants to develop their practical skills by engaging in a variety of different dance styles. They have the chance to review events as an audience member, research into artists that inspire them, and experience sharing their skills with others. 


This Level 2 qualification delivered over a year, focuses on developing practical skills further by implementing an arts challenge. Participants also learn about arts practice and pathways, attending and reviewing professional events, and organising and evaluating their own leadership project. 


The final award is accredited with UCAS points and is delivered over 1-2 years. The qualification focuses on personal arts development including work experience opportunities, research portfolios and experiencing other art forms, plus the planning, delivering and evaluating of a leadership project.

We offer Discover in a Day opportunities for Primary Schools that can be delivered to large groups of pupils across a variety of themes. Our Explore programmes are often offered to Primary School participants as an after-school activity over the course of a term and tend to focus on a broad spectrum of dance styles. Discover and Explore are entry level qualifications that are particularly adaptable, interactive and accessible for programmes aimed at students with mild to severe learning difficulties. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes are embedded within schools extra-curricular activity or as part of arts/PE provision in timetabled lessons both at mainstream and SEN institutions. We also offer Bronze, Silver and Gold opportunities for young people aged 11-18 at
De Montfort University through their outreach provision.

For more information on any of our Arts Award programmes, or to register your child's interest for our next cohort please contact us

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